At least there will be a second post in 2014!  What a change from my old blogging habits of almost saying something every day. I suppose part of it is that my life simply isn’t all that exciting and that I have a more public job that doesn’t let me detail the minute details of […]

So I haven’t completely given up on blogging and communicating.  Mostly just moved more towards Twitter or Instagram for personal stuff and in the professional sphere have been working so much on communicating that I’m almost communicated out when I get home and have time.  I tend to focus on the silly like Bitstrips nowadays […]

I think a month between posts is pretty bad.  I never honestly thought I’d get to the point where I thought writing is a chore, but I think I’ve gotten there.  Between all the writing I do for work, the regular magazine column I’m writing, blogging over at Adventures in the Outdoors and working on […]

Can’t beat this for an office yesterday, even if I was working on the weekend. Not much has been happening. Haven’t been feeling the writing bug either. I think I’m suffering through writing burnout at the moment. Hopefully it stops back soon.

I’m on vacation!  Not only that, Moe and I are both on vacation at the same time! It started Friday with a long weekend in NH.  Even the hottest weekend of the summer couldn’t dampen our enthusiasm (though the thunderstorms did physically dampen us a few times) for spending time together.  Feels like it has […]

Nothing really that exciting has been happening.  I’ve been too busy with work and everything else to really have time to do much else. Not exactly perfect but I guess being busy is better than being bored. Still haven’t figured out the house and stuff.  Moe is still in MA and I’m still in NY. […]

My week of multiple long distance hikes is coming to an end and I have a day off this Saturday. Things are good. Not only that, moe is here in NY for a few days 🙂 It had been over three weeks since we saw one another so we were both starting to get antsy. […]